Manhattan Comfort SoHo 6-Door Wardrobe, Nature White/Onyx

Manhattan Comfort Soho 6-Door Wardrobe, Color: Nature White and Onyx

Manhattan Comfort Soho 6-Door Wardrobe

Manhattan Comfort Soho 6-Door Wardrobe, Internal View
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About the Product:

The SoHo is a large, functional wardrobe with handles that extend the entire length of the doors, providing a modern look. Its color combination was chosen to create a cozy atmosphere using light wooden tones. A combination of Nature White and Metallic Onyx creates a sophisticated ensemble that will add to any room. Its many shelves, drawers, and aluminum rods allow you to neatly fold or hang items to keep things organized, and out of sight. The SoHo features a Pro-Touch High definition, ultra-resistant finish with the texture of natural wood, and stylish wood patterns. The unique paint is protected by the Microban Antibacterial Protection.

About Manhattan Comfort:

Manhattan Comfort, a developing furniture company based in New York City, began with the goal of bringing modern and stylish furniture to living rooms nationwide. Gradually becoming a household name, Manhattan Comfort creates quality furniture through a production process that ensures each piece created is flawless. Our SoHo 6-door Wardrobe is modern and durable, perfect for any living room space. We highly value our customers’ satisfaction, and we are committed to continually offering contemporary high-quality furniture at affordable prices.

Manhattan Comfort Soho 6-Door Wardrobe, Bedroom View
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Product Features:
  • Aluminum Rods perfect for hanging all different size Clothing
  • Locking Drawer with Key, convenient for storing valuables
  • 10 Shelves and 6 drawers optimizes space and minimizes clutter
  • Full length doors will make your room feel bigger
  • Beautiful color combination creates a warm soothing tone in your room
  • Materials: Natural wood and stylish wood patterns
  • Finish: Pro-Touch/Metallic Onyx;
  • Pro-Touch High definition, ultra-resistant finish with the texture of natural wood, featuring unique wood patterns
  • Metallic Finish: One of the major new features of the 2013 collection, the metallic pattern is inspired by the automotive market, bringing even more innovation to our furniture
  • Color: Nature White and Onyx
  • Dimensions: 106.8 inches long x 25 inches depth x 96.2 inches high
  • Weight: 616 pounds
  • Assembly required