LUCID 4 Inch Folding Foam Mattress + Sofa Style Floor Chair Perfect For Camping – 3-Year Warranty – Twin

Easy to Transport
This unique 4″ convertible mattress is great for small spaces, making it ideal for camping, guests, or dorms. This trifold portable design allows you to bring the comforts of Lucid wherever you go. This super lightweight mattress is fitted with handles for easy transport.
A Mattress and a Sofa Perfect for the Great Outdoors
This product can be a mattress, or it can be folded to create a sofa-style floor chair. The mattress’s high-density foam ensures you won’t bottom out, and the soft material makes sleeping on the ground almost enjoyable. When not needed as a mattress, it can be folded to create a sofa-style floor chair that’s perfect for sitting around the campfire.
Great for Small Spaces
Not the camping type? This folding mattress is a great touch to a playroom, or can give a guest the courtesy of a bed without actually having an extra bed in your home. The trifold portable design also makes it ideal for travelling, camping, RVs, dorms, or studios.
Lucid’s foam is naturally resistant to allergens and dust mites which is important for a product that may spend most of its time in storage. Designed in the U.S., imported materials were used to provide the highest level of quality and comfort.
3-Year Warranty
For added peace of mind we offer a 3-year warranty. This warranty protects the mattress and cover against manufacturer’s defects.
Safe for You and the Environment
The foam in this product is CertiPUR-US® certified which means this product has been independently tested for materials used, physical performance, and environmental stewardship. Careful construction guarantees no prohibited phthalates, no ozone depleters, no CFCs, no mercury, no lead or heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no PBDEs, and low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality.