InnoMax Thermal Guardian Touch Temp Solid State Waterbed Heater, Full Watt

The InnoMax Thermal Guardian Touch Temp Full Watt Solid State Waterbed Heater, with On/Off Button, is convenient to set and easy to read. LED Digital Temperature Control enables you to precisely regulate your environment. InnoMax Thermal Guardian Touch Temp Full Watt Solid State Waterbed Heaters, for use with minimum 9″ depth waterbeds in rigid side box or wood waterbed frames, are Certified to the standards of the Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) for Waterbed Heaters No.1445. State-of-the-art Ultra sensitive electronic control that holds the temperature to 1/8 degree of set point, ensuring consistent and accurate temperature sensing so your body can experience the deepest most restful sleep rather than working to keep itself warm by shivering or cool by sweating. InnoMax has been committed to producing the safest and most reliable products since 1975. As such, InnoMax Thermal Guardian heaters are visibly thicker as they are built to higher standards with waterproof vinyl enclosures, heat shields, L-Cut safety fuses and many other safety features not found in competitive heaters. InnoMax’s Waterbed Heater Pad is larger than competitive heaters because dispersing power over a greater area will ensure lower operating temperatures and eliminate hot spots. It is simple to understand why a larger heater pad is superior. The temperature watt and temperature density of a larger pad helps extend the life of your waterbed mattress, safety liner and of course your waterbed heater. InnoMax consumer friendly Thermal Guardian Waterbed Heaters provide accuracy to 1/8 degree offering precise sleep environment temperature control and promoting energy efficiency. InnoMax Thermal Guardian Waterbed Heaters offer deeply satisfying winter warmth and refreshing coolness in summer for a sleep environment that offers comfort beyond compare and can offset heating or cooling bills for the whole house.