Fancierstudio Dining Chair Ghost Chair with Arms in Transparent Crystal Clear Set Of Two By Fancierstudio

Set of two high quality reproduction of the Ghost Chair. The chairs are durable, can be stacked and are great for both outdoor and indoor use. These features make them a terrific choice for nearly any kind of occasion and space. The Ghost Chair almost disappears into the background as if to faintly impose its distinguishing design element into the room. The Signature Ghost Chair has turned out to be an artistic representation of American furniture. Apart from their versatility, they also express the designs of a true artist. For use both indoor and outdoor, a great option for permanent dining or additional seating. When not in use it is much more than a mere space filler. The transparent ghost chair accents and enhances the “style factor” of modern settings. You can own your very own version at an affordable price. Set of two arm chair.