CleanBrands Bed Bug & Allergen Blocking Sofa Encasement

Bed bug infestations can be an expensive and difficult process to remove from your home. CleanRest® Bed Bug Blocking Sofa Encasements allow you to preserve your existing sofa, while eliminating infestation. CleanRest® is the most effective way to remove bed bug infestation from your upholstered furniture. Featuring MicronOne® technology, which uses 100% micro denier polyester fabric, a weave so tiny that it has a maximum pore size of 1 micron, which eliminates existing bed bug infestation and prevents future migration.Simply, encase your existing, infested sofa with CleanRest® for 18 months. During this 18 month period, the bed bugs inside the sofa will eventually starve to death.

To achieve the tailored look in the image shown, smooth and tuck any excess fabric into the corners and sides of the seat.