Classic And Comfortable Wood Fabric Bench


  • Wood Fabric Bench Specifications: L 48 x W 16 x H 20
  • Made up of wood and fabric
  • Comfortable with stylish appearance


Need to include a bench in your list of home accessories that blend style, sophistication and comfort in one go. Then you must get a glance of this bench that is crafted meticulously using a varied combination of materials.

Seat is made up of fabric that lends a soft cushioning for long hours sitting and resting. Stands at the bottom are made up of wood that is both strong and sturdy. Stands on both ends look extremely classy for the kind of design pattern they embrace. Arranged in crisscross fashion these stands look extraordinarily elegant. This bench is truly backless and armless and can make a sophisticated presence inside your living space. You can easily replace your sofa with this bench and make a spectacular addition in your home. You can put this bench in front of balcony or in the garden amidst beautiful flowers as well.