Choice Parts – Black Sectional Connector (Pack of 2) – Great Non Sliding Sofa Fastener for Couch, Loveseat, Recliner, Chair or Chaise Lounge Sections of Large or Small Sectionals – Model #240

The Choice Parts Black Sectional Connector

Did you buy a sectional and it won’t stay put together? Choice Parts now offers the perfect solution. This sectional connector is thick and heavy duty with a sleek black finish. Installation is super easy with the screws included. Once the two pieces are installed on the two sections you want to join, simply slide the top one into the bottom one. You’ll need one connector set for each two sections you want to fasten together. While one sectional connector set per separation is enough for most applications, some customers have found that sectionals located in high-use areas of the home may benefit from installing two connectors at each separation. Sectional connectors may not provide a secure connection if your sectional sits on an uneven surface. (Choice Parts also offers sofa leg replacements to fix this problem. Simply purchase the appropriate height leg to make up the height difference from your floor.) Once you’ve purchased these sectional connectors, the hardest part of your replacement project is over! Get it shipped fast and have it installed within minutes. Backed by our 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

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