Bed Claw® Unibody Adjustable Height Bed Frame Slat Center Support Leg

The Benefits of a Center Support System

All beds, especially those Queen Size and larger, can benefit from a center support. A Center Support supports your foundation unit and mattress in the middle, thus reducing stress on those units. Many mattress manufacturers require center support for their warranty to be valid.

Wood Bed Slats Need Center Support Also

Many beds still use the wood slat method for supporting the mattress and foundation unit. Beds utilizing wood slats for support need added legs in the middle to prevent bowing and cracking of the slats. The Bed Claw® Unibody Adjustable Height Bed Slat Support Leg system has been designed and developed from the floor up specifically for beds with slats.

The NEW Bed Claw® Unibody Adjustable Height Bed Slat Support Leg

The new Bed Claw® slat support leg is much stronger than our old slat support leg. The new leg features strong, one-piece unibody construction. No rivets are employed in the entire leg; it is made from a single piece of steel which has been formed and welded. The glide is much larger and heavier than the one included with previous leg. It will protect both carpet and hard floors much better than the previous glide. We are constantly working to improve our products and bring even better value to our customers.

Height Adjustable

To accommodate uneven floors and various height beds, the Bed Claw® slat support legs is height adjustable from 6 1/2″ to 14 3/4″.

How Many Should I Install?

You may install as few or as many as you prefer. Most customers choose to use 2 or 3 support legs, each installed in the center of a wood slat along the length of the bed.

Included Hardware with Each Leg

– Wing Nut

– Jam Nut (the little one)

– Coupler Nut (the big one)

– #8-3/4″ Phillips Wood Screw (4)